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As a former artist and student of Paier College of Art and the Hartford Art School, my approach to photography has been significantly influenced by experience and studies in painting. The dramatic lighting and coastal themes of Edward Hopper, the isolated subject matter and stark composition of Andrew Wyeth and the animated story-telling of Norman Rockwell are all elements I look to infuse into my photography today.

My inspiration is the ability to show people the world through my eyes, identifying particular moments, objects and vistas from every day life and translating them through my own unique visual perspective. My goal as a photographer is to produce visually engaging imagery that tells a story, stimulates the senses and evokes emotion in those viewing my work. 

To accomplish all of this this I use a combination of unique composition and perspectives, captivating color and atmospheric lighting with simple yet appealing subject matter. My hope is that you will see the story and feel the atmosphere captured in each image from the warm glow of the autumn sunlight, to the isolated chill of the winter snow to the cool breeze of the summer coastline.

As a native and current resident of Connecticut, the majority of my work has been captured across the Northeast and New England. I hope you enjoy my collection of photographs.

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